About Ali


Ali T. Muhammad's commitment to public service began at the age of fourteen when he worked as a camp counselor for Beacon Recreation. While continuing to serve youth throughout his teens, he knew that he had found his calling. His father, Imam Dr. Salahuddin M. Muhammad, always demonstrated that to serve humanity is to choose a life of honor. As Ali entered early adulthood, he joined Beacon's Pop Warner Football Organization and took his turn coaching and mentoring young athletes. This really burgeoned his passion for positively impacting peoples' lives. His modus operandi has been that "Even a smile is charity". With this smile, he holds steadfast to a spirit of giving that asks for nothing in return. With humility, Ali does not claim to have all the answers but instead, values the notion that people must work together to solve issues facing our society today. He believes that it is everyone's responsibility to collaborate; to originate solutions for our youth to lead prosperous and conscientious lives.

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